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    WOW! What a response from our existing ticket holders from 2020. The Saturday show is completely SOLD OUT.

    We understand some people that wanted to attend the Saturday will be disappointed, however, the existing ticket holders had to be given priority.

    The general public sale for the remaining Friday tickets for Reminisce 2021 starts tomorrow at 11 AM, right here at www.reminisce.dj (the button on the home page will change to the Ticketek link)

    Remember, gates open at 4 however the countdown doesn't start until 6 30, so there's enough time to get down after work 🥳

    Ahead of the onsale, it's VERY IMPORTANT that you read the below tips on how to make your ticket purchasing experience as seamless as possible.

    💥 NOTE: We have added some extra points based on a few issues that people had during the presale yesterday. We are in uncharted waters with this setup and therefore have some learnings to make things a bit smoother.

    Firstly, here's the sitemap and ticketing options again, and below that are the tips...

    Learnings From The Presale

    💥 There was some confusion around the Ticketek booking fees – There is a booking fee of around $6-$8 per person (depending on ticket type and amount). The price that you see on the Ticket page includes this fee. There is also a once off Ticketek transaction fee of $9.35 per transaction.

    💥 We did everything in our power to allow people to group their decks with friends, however because of the huge amount of people going for the same spots, some were split up. We increased the max purchase from 1 deck to 4 due to overwhelming amount of enquiries prior to the sale, and this had never been done before in the current venue setup / purchasing system. So for the general public sale, we recommend choosing rows a couple back from what’s still available. The system puts ‘best available’ selections from front to back, so if you go a couple of rows back you’re more likely to get decks together. Also if you want to choose your exact spot, we highly recommend using a desktop instead of mobile to purchase.

    General Ticketing Tips

    Below are our top 4 tips, however we have created a very extensive FAQ Here which we also recommend reading.

    📣 We recommend purchasing on a desktop / laptop because the small screen on mobile can make it difficult to see the small spots marked out on the screen. Check out the Piknic Electronik ticket page here to familiarise yourself with the process.

    📣 To purchase more than one deck or table, select ONE from the dropdown and head through to the payment page, but before you check out click ADD TICKETS to go back and purchase another (limit of 24 total tickets per transaction).

    📣 Tickets are purchased in set group numbers of 1, 2, 4 or 6, but that doesn’t mean you have to have that many people. For example if you have a group of 5, you can just buy a deck that fits up to 6 and just have your crew of 5 in there. It just means you’ll pay a little extra per person.

    📣 You aren’t confined to your space at all. You can move around to get drinks, visit friends, go to the bathroom, chill in the sun on the side of the hill, check out the food trucks, whatever you like. 

    The Countdown is on! 

    Team Reminisce