Reminisce Classic House 2020 – Sidney Myer Music Bowl



Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding Reminisce. We also have a Full Event Information Page Here containing everything you need to know.

Please read through both of these carefully, and if your question is still unanswered, shoot us a DM via Facebook or Send An Enquiry through the website.

Will any more VIP tickets be available?

All VIP tickets are Sold Out and no more will be made available.

However GA tickets still get you access to the front stalls, as well as the lawn. So there’s plenty of good Reminiscing spots in GA.

Get your tickets here

How can I vote?

Voting is now open!

Click here to vote

When will the winner of the 2 VIP Balcony tickets from the voting competition be announced?

The winner will be announced on Friday March 13th, as voting closes on Tuesday the 10th.

Keep an eye on the website, event invite, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Are there any voting rules?

Full Voting Terms & Conditions

  • Voting opens 17/12/19 at 7pm AEDT and closes at 11pm AEDT on 10/03/20.
  • The “Top 50” will be selected as the songs that come in at #1 to #50 as voted by Reminisce attendees.
  • #1 is the song that scores the most points, not the song that has the most amount of people vote for it.
  • Songs are scored from 5 points to 1 point by each voter, with their #1 song getting 5 points, #2 getting 4 points, and so on and so forth.
  • If users want to vote for a house song that is not on the list, they can add the song during the voting process. The song will then remain in the list for others to choose from.
  • Songs that have been released inside the past 5 years (from the event date) are not considered eligible for ‘classic’ status and therefore cannot make the final top 50.
  • Reminisce reserves the right to remove songs from the list that are duplicates, spelled incorrectly, incorrectly formatted, incorrect remixes, not house music, released in the past 5 years, or contain offensive, abusive or violent language, or any song they do not see fit for a Classic House countdown. Reminisce will periodically remove these types of songs from the list throughout the campaign in order to keep the voting list clean. Any songs that are removed due to duplication, incorrect remix, spelling or formatting will have the number of votes that song has already received merged with the existing song in the list, in order to keep the integrity of the final top 50.

How can I go back in and see my votes?

Simply head to, sign in and you’ll see your votes right there. You can then re share on Facebook, or save to share on Instagram.

Once you share you’ll be instantly in the draw to score the very last 2 VIP Balcony tickets available.

💥 Don’t forget to tag and use #REM20 on your Insta share to be eligible to win.


What’s included in the VIP tickets?

The VIP ticket options are as follows:

VIP Terrace (SOLD OUT)

✨ Reminisce VIP Terrace Access (see map below)
✨ Private Bar
✨ Premium Beverage Options
✨ Priority Access To Front Stalls
✨ Priority Entry
✨ Access To All GA Areas

VIP Balcony (SOLD OUT)

✨ Reminisce VIP Balcony Access (see map below)
✨ Reminisce VIP Backroom Access
✨ Private Bar
✨ Private Toilets
✨ Premium Beverage Options
✨ Priority Access To Front Stalls
✨ Priority Entry
✨ Access To All GA Areas

👉🏽 NOTE: Both VIP Areas will be much improved on the 2019 event. We have taken all of your feedback on board and worked extremely hard to give you the premium VIP experience you deserve. This included lowering the ticket prices and removing the all-inclusive drinks package which caused long lines and people doubling up for drinks.

How many tickets can I purchase per transaction?

You can purchase up to 10 tickets at a time through Ticketek.

If I have VIP, can I still go see my friends in General Admission?

Yes, your VIP ticket gives you access to all GA areas, including priority entry into the front stalls so you can go see your friends in there.

Can I still access the front stalls with my General Admission ticket?

Yes, your General Admission ticket gives you access to the Lawn and the Front Stalls area.