Reminisce Classic House 2021 – Sidney Myer Music Bowl


When do tickets go on sale?

Ticket Holders Presale – 1pm Wednesday Feb 3

General Public On Sale – 1pm Wednesday Feb 5

Current ticket holders will receive a full refund of their existing tickets (due to the fact tickets must be purchased in groups) and will have 48 hours to re-purchase their tickets.

How will the 2 countdowns work?

Each show will have its own voting link and own separate countdown. This is to avoid any spoilers from those who attend the Friday show.

Voting will open on Feb 10 and close on March 10.

When does voting open?

Voting will open on Feb 10 and close on March 10.

When will I receive my refund exactly?

Refunds will be processed as soon as possible, but full details regarding timing will be sent from Ticketek seperately. Keep an eye out for an email from them and please be patient as they are dealing with a lot of enquiries.

I didn’t get my refund, who can I contact?

Contact Ticketek support here.

I purchased a hard ticket, how do I get a refund?

To organise a refund for a hard ticket please fill out the form located here. From there a team member will be in touch.

Since purchasing last year my card / account has changed /expired, what do I do to get a refund?

We understand it’s been a whole year so these things happen, please contact Ticketek support here and they will be able to update your details and send through the refund to the correct account.

I can’t find my old tickets, who is the ticket provider?

Contact Ticketek support here.

What if there is an outbreak, will the events still go ahead?

Months of work has gone into making the Live At The Bowl events as robust as possible.

The plans are designed to cope with a shifting COVID situation, so rest assured our events have a very high likelihood of going ahead compared to other general admission events scheduled for Summer.

Is it safe to buy someone else’s ticket?

There are a lot of fake profiles reselling tickets on Facebook at the moment.

DO NOT risk being turned away at the gate by buying from unknown sellers online – either random people commenting on posts or from the scum that are Viagogo. These tickets are not valid.

Do we have to stay at our table / deck?

Absolutely not! Think of it as the same as usual, but you just have your own little dance floor with friends, instead of trying to dance on a grass hill or in between seats.

You aren’t confined to your space. You can move around to get drinks, visit friends, go to the bathroom, chill in the sun on the side of the hill, check out the food trucks, whatever you like.

We’ve created a web page where you can capture the vibe of the new venue layout, all thanks to our friends at Piknic Electronik Melbourne.

Check it out ➔

Is this a seated event?

No, this is not a seated event. Dancing is allowed & encouraged. However, to comply with government restrictions The Bowl is set up in a covid safe way.

How do tickets work?

Tickets are purchased in groups of 2, 4 & 6. The price listed when purchasing is for the full cost of all the tickets in the “pod” you select. There are also some single tickets if you prefer. For more information on where each pod is please see our ticketing map. We recommend chatting to your friends ahead of the on sale, figure out which tickets you will be needing (2, 4 or 6) and then nominating a person in your group to purchase the tickets for your group at 12pm Thursday 21 January.

How do the ticket categories work?

– Lawn decks are available for groups of 6 guests.

– Terrace tickets are available for groups of  4 guests.

– Stalls tickets are available for groups of 2 and 4 guests.

– Balcony tickets are available for singles and groups of 2.

I’ve got a group of 3 or 5 but there’s no tickets that suit that amount of people, what do I do?

Tickets are purchased in set group numbers, but that doesn’t mean you have to have that many people. For example if you have a group of 5, you can just buy a deck that fits up to 6 and just have your crew of 5 in there. It just means you’ll pay a little extra per person.

Can we purchase a table or deck next to our friends?

Yes. The ticketing system allows you to select a specific pod, so you and your friends can purchase next to each other.

Ahead of the on sale, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the ticket buying process. To do this, head over to the Piknic Elektronik ticket page which is currently on sale. You’ll see the interface where you can select your exact spot and purchase your tickets. Reminisce will be slightly different as Piknic isn’t offering VIP Booths.

To get a good idea of the vibe and layout, head over to the Piknic Electronik Facebook page and check out their photos and videos from the Carl Cox show – it was amazing!

I won a free ticket to Reminisce 2020, is it still valid?

Unfortunately not. Due to the fact that tickets must be purchased in groups, we aren’t able to give away single tickets (or any at all for that matter). If you won a free ticket or were on the guestlist, your free ticket will carry over to Reminisce 2022.

You will receive an email with the ticket link 48 hours before the general public to allow you time to get your crew together and purchase tickets together.

I bought a ticket from Viagogo, is it a fake?

Viagogo are an unauthorised ticket seller and we are as frustrated as you and the rest of the public that they are allowed to get away with selling tickets. Because the tickets for this event must be purchased in groups, and viagogo have no way of plugging into the system, unfortunately, if you have purchased tickets from them there’s a really good chance that they aren’t valid.’

When does voting open?

Voting will open on Feb 10 and close on March 10

Each show will have its own voting link and own countdown. This is to avoid any spoilers from those who attend the Friday show.

What time will the countdown start?

The countdown will run from 6 30pm – 10pm

Why couldn't you just carry my VIP Balcony or VIP Terrace ticket over? This isn't fair!

Because the capacity has been reduced, we would have had no way to choose who keeps their tickets and who doesn’t. Plus all tickets for the Live at the Bowl series must be purchased under Ticketek’s new system, which follows all the covid safe protocols of the venue.