Reminisce Classic House 2021 – Sidney Myer Music Bowl


Are there entry guidelines and event info?

Is there a sitemap?

Can I come separately from friends who are in my deck/stall?

How much are tickets and what are the different types?

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What can and can’t I bring into the venue?

What you can bring…

  • Empty bottles can be brought in and filled at any of our free water stations
  • Medications must be clearly labeled and in sealed/blister packs
  • Food as long as it’s in reasonable amounts (don’t bring catering for 50 people 😜). No hard shelled food containers allowed (eskys etc), they must be soft.
  • Roll-On Deodorant

Please leave at home…

  • Large bags (anything bigger than 30x30x30cm) will need to be cloaked. We recommend just bringing the essentials, so come prepared for a full day of fun outdoors but leave unnecessary items at home.
  • Liquids/Lotions/Sanitisers are not permitted inside the venue – Lip Balm and Lipstick/Makeup are permitted. There will be free sunscreen available on site from bars and First Aid as well.If in doubt best to leave it at home unless absolutely necessary.
  • Illegal Substances. There will be a police presence, so be aware of your rights.
  • Professional cameras of any kind (including go pros)
  • Glow sticks, Laser pointers, selfie sticks

What time will the gates open and the countdown start?

Gates are from 4pm – 10pm. The countdown will run from 6 30pm – 10pm

Can people in the stalls and decks go and visit each other?

People with stalls tickets can access the lawn decks area, but people with lawn decks aren’t able to get down into the stalls.

Is there a cloak room?

Sure is! Full info here (see sitemap on page):

What are the set times?

Is there an afterparty?

Can we purchase a table or deck next to our friends?

The ticketing system allows you to select a specific spot, so you and your friends can purchase next to each other if there is availability.

We recommend doing this on desktop so you can choose your spot easier to purchase more than one deck or table, select ONE from the dropdown and head through to the payment page, but before you check out click ADD TICKETS to go back and purchase another. (limit of 24 total tickets per transaction)

Can I scan my tickets on my phone?

Yes, you can use your phone to scan your ticket, no print out required.

Will there be pass outs?

There will be no pass-outs on the day, if you leave the grounds you will not be able to re-enter. The real question is…it’s Reminisce – why would you want to leave?

Can I bring water?

You can bring in an empty bottle to fill up but no liquids.

Do we have to stay at our table / deck?

Absolutely not! Think of it as the same as usual, but you just have your own little dance floor with friends, instead of trying to dance on a grass hill or in between seats.

You aren’t confined to your space. You can move around to get drinks, visit friends, go to the bathroom, chill in the sun on the side of the hill, check out the food trucks, whatever you like.

We’ve created a web page where you can capture the vibe of the new venue layout, all thanks to our friends at Piknic Electronik Melbourne.

Check it out ➔

Are we able to swap our tickets?

Unfortunately Ticketek have confirmed that we can’t issue any more swaps in time for the event at this stage.

I can’t find my ticket, can you resend it?

If you log in to your Ticketek account you’ll be able to access your tickets from there. Any issues just contact their customer service.

If you are still having trouble send us a DM on Facebook and we’ll take it from there.

I’m trying to purchase more than one deck / table and I can’t, PLEASE HELP!

To purchase more than one deck or table, select ONE from the dropdown and head through to the payment page, but before you check out click ADD TICKETS to go back and purchase another. (limit of 24 total tickets per transaction)

Can we bring decor for our deck / stall?

Yes absolutely!

I’ve got a group of 3 or 5 but there’s no tickets that suit that amount of people, what do I do?

Tickets are purchased in set group numbers, but that doesn’t mean you have to have that many people. For example if you have a group of 5, you can just buy a deck that fits up to 6 and just have your crew of 5 in there. It just means you’ll pay a little extra per person.

Can we get an idea of what the event will be like with the new layout?

Absolutely, we’ve created a page just to show you this.

Check it out here.

Why are there two shows?

We had to do two shows because of the amount of tickets people held over from 2020. With the reduced capacity of the venue, it would have meant people missing out.

Why couldn’t you just transfer our existing tickets over?

Believe us, we tried to make this happen! We understand it’s a pain in the a** for you if you’re an existing ticket holder.

But if we did that, we would have had to:
a) Decide for you which show you wanted to attend
b) Put you in stalls or decks with randoms
c) Decide your spot for you

And all of the above is not legal anyway, even if we wanted to do it.

How will the 2 countdowns work?

Each show will have its own voting link and own separate countdown. This is to avoid any spoilers from those who attend the Friday show.

Voting will open on Feb 10 and close on March 10

Each show will have its own voting link and own countdown. This is to avoid any spoilers from those who attend the Friday show.

I purchased a hard copy ticket, how do I get a refund?

To organise a refund for a hard ticket please fill out the form located here. From there a team member will be in touch.

Is it safe to buy someone else’s ticket?

There are a lot of fake profiles reselling tickets on Facebook at the moment. DO NOT risk being turned away at the gate by buying from unknown sellers online – either random people commenting on posts or from the scum that are Viagogo. These tickets are not valid.

I won a free ticket to Reminisce 2020, is it still valid?

Unfortunately not. Due to the fact that tickets must be purchased in groups, we aren’t able to give away single tickets (or any at all for that matter). If you won a free ticket or were on the guestlist, your free ticket will carry over to Reminisce 2022.

You will receive an email with the ticket link 48 hours before the general public to allow you time to get your crew together and purchase tickets.

I bought a ticket from Viagogo, is it a fake?

Viagogo are an unauthorised ticket seller and we are as frustrated as you and the rest of the public that they are allowed to get away with selling tickets. Because the tickets for this event must be purchased in groups, and viagogo have no way of plugging into the system, unfortunately if you have purchased tickets from them there’s a really good chance that they aren’t valid.’

If some people can’t make it anymore can we get a refund back for their tickets?

Given all tickets had to be purchased in groups this year (2, 4 or 6) to satisfy the covid requirements, unfortunately there is no way to split up the tickets and partial refunds cannot be issued.

Are name changes required on tickets?

No, name changes aren’t required on tickets.

When will I receive my refund for my 2020 tickets?

Refunds were processed on Tuesday the 2nd of Feb. Please allow a few business days for the funds to return to your account. It can take a bit longer depending on your bank.

An email went out from Ticketek to all 2020 on Monday the 1st with all information.

If your card details have changed or expired since you purchased, fill out this form here from Ticketek and leave your bank details (BSB and ACC Number) for your refund to be processed.
If you are still having issues, contact Ticketek support on 13 28 49.

If you are STILL having issues, get in contact with us here, we’re happy to help!

Why can’t I vote anymore?

Voting is now closed so we can prepare a MIND BLOWING show for you for the Top 50 countdown.

Rest assured, the rest of Melbourne has chosen you an unbelieved Top 50.

The countdown is on!

Since purchasing last year my card / account had changed / expired, what do I do to get a refund?

Simply fill out this form (don’t forget to leave your bank details – BSB and ACC Number) and Ticketek will refund direct back to that account.

Any issues call their support on 13 28 49.

If you’re still having issues contact us here and we’d be happy to help