Reminisce Classic House 2020 – Sidney Myer Music Bowl


Are the events still going ahead on Oct 24th and 31st?

The events are still going ahead as planned and will remain that way unless the government makes any announcements around restrictions up to the event dates.

In other words, if the event is permitted to go ahead by each states government, it will be 100% going ahead.

For the latest information on restrictions, follow these links:



Can I get a refund on my ticket if I can't attend the dates?

Sure can.


There is a direct link on the ticket page to fill out the refund request form:


Simply log into your Eventbrite account, locate your Reminisce tickets  and follow the prompts to request a refund

Will any more VIP tickets be available?

All VIP tickets are Sold Out and no more will be made available.

However GA tickets still get you access to the front stalls, as well as the lawn. So there’s plenty of good Reminiscing spots in GA.

Get your tickets here

I can't find my ticket, can you resend it?

If you login to your Ticketek account you’ll be able to access your tickets from there. Any issues just contact their customer service.

If you are still having trouble send us a DM on Facebook and we’ll take it from there.

Are name changes required on tickets?

No, name changes aren’t required on tickets.

Do the numbers on the tickets mean anything?

The numbers on the tickets don’t mean anything. All GA tickets have the same access – both the front stalls (until full then they become 1 in 1 out) and also the lawn.

Why can't I vote anymore?

Voting is now closed so we can prepare a MIND BLOWING show for you for the Top 50 countdown.

Rest assured, the rest of Melbourne has chosen you an unbelievable Top 50.

The countdown is on!

When will the winner of the 2 VIP Balcony tickets from the voting competition be announced?

The winner will be announced on Thursday March 12th, as voting is now closed.

Keep an eye on the website, event invite, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Are there any voting rules?

Yes, there are voting rules. Please see below…

Full Voting Terms & Conditions

  • For Melbourne, voting opens 17/12/19 at 7pm AEDT and closes at 10pm AEDT on 10/03/20.
  • For Sydney voting opens 16/1/20 at 7pm AEDT and closes at 10pm AEDT on 25/03/20.
  • The “Top 50” will be selected as the songs that come in at #1 to #50 as voted by Reminisce attendees.
  • #1 is the song that scores the most points, not the song that has the most amount of people vote for it.
  • Songs are scored from 5 points to 1 point by each voter, with their #1 song getting 5 points, #2 getting 4 points, and so on and so forth.
  • If users want to vote for a house song that is not on the list, they can add the song during the voting process. The song will then remain in the list for others to choose from.
  • Songs that have been released inside the past 5 years (from the event date) are not considered eligible for ‘classic’ status and therefore cannot make the final top 50.
  • Songs that are not deemed as house music or have never regularly been played in house music sets are also not eligible. We understand this is a big grey area and is open to interpretation through multiple genres of electronic music. Anything house / disco / trance / electronic that gets played in house sets is eligible but anything like hard style, hard trance, psy trance, rock, heavy metal, country,  and these types of genres are not eligible. We take a common sense approach to this term. To this point we’ve never had to remove a song from the top 50.
  • Songs that receive votes for the original and remixes may be combined depending on how closely they resemble each other.
  • In the case where the original song is a classic but receives a recent remix, the song is still eligible to make the countdown as long as it falls within the overall ‘house’ umbrella described above, due to the original being a classic.
  • Reminisce reserves the right to remove songs from the shortlist that do not fit the criteria stated above, are duplicates, spelled incorrectly, incorrectly formatted or incorrect remixes. Reminisce will periodically remove these types of songs from the list throughout the campaign in order to keep the voting list clean. Any songs that are removed due to duplication, incorrect remix, spelling or formatting will have the number of votes that song has already received merged with the existing song in the list, in order to keep the integrity of the final top 50.

How can I go back in and see my votes?

Simply head to, sign in and you’ll see your votes right there. You can then re share on Facebook, or save to share on Instagram.

What’s included in the VIP tickets?

The VIP ticket options are as follows:

VIP Terrace (SOLD OUT)

✨ Reminisce VIP Terrace Access (see map below)
✨ Private Bar
✨ Premium Beverage Options
✨ Priority Access To Front Stalls
✨ Priority Entry
✨ Access To All GA Areas

VIP Balcony (SOLD OUT)

✨ Reminisce VIP Balcony Access (see map below)
✨ Reminisce VIP Backroom Access
✨ Private Bar
✨ Private Toilets
✨ Premium Beverage Options
✨ Priority Access To Front Stalls
✨ Priority Entry
✨ Access To All GA Areas

👉🏽 NOTE: Both VIP Areas will be much improved on the 2019 event. We have taken all of your feedback on board and worked extremely hard to give you the premium VIP experience you deserve. This included lowering the ticket prices and removing the all-inclusive drinks package which caused long lines and people doubling up for drinks.

I bought a ticket from Viagogo, is it a fake?

Viagogo are an unauthorised ticket seller and we are as frustrated as you and the rest of the public that they are allowed to get away with selling tickets at inflated prices. It hurts our brand and it hurts your wallet. That being said, although we cannot guarantee that your ticket is real, to this point we are yet to see any fake tickets from Viagogo. Unfortunately, you have probably just paid extra for the ticket. Please do not be alarmed, your ticket is most likely fine, but if you want to make sure of it please contact Ticketmaster to verify. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you with any Viagogo related enquiry.

How many tickets can I purchase per transaction?

You can purchase up to 10 tickets at a time through Ticketek.

If I have VIP, can I still go see my friends in General Admission?

Yes, your VIP ticket gives you access to all GA areas, including priority entry into the front stalls so you can go see your friends in there.

Can I still access the front stalls with my General Admission ticket?

Yes, your General Admission ticket gives you access to the Lawn and the Front Stalls area.

What time do gates open?

Gates are from 2pm – 10pm

What time does the countdown start?

The countdown will run from 6 30pm – 10pm

Will there be pass outs?

There will be no pass-outs on the day, if you leave the grounds you will not be able to re-enter. The real question is… It’s Reminisce – why would you want to leave?

Is there a cloak room?

Yes there will be a cloak room on site. See sitemap for location.

What are the set times?

This will be announced closer to the event.

What's on the drinks menu?

This will be announced closer to the event. However, rest assured there will be a great selection of drinks including mixes to speed up the drink lines from last year.

Is there an official after party?

There sure is! It’s at Prince with DJ Falcon, Generik and Market Memories.

See this link for full info

Do the numbers on my GA ticket mean anything? Do I have access to all GA areas?

You don’t need to change the name on the ticket if you have bought a ticket on behalf of someone else in your name.

This means that If you are selling your ticket you don’t need to change the name either, names will not be checked at the gate.

However please be aware that you must sell your ticket for cost price through Tixel.

What can and can't I bring into the venue?

What you can bring:


Roll-On Deodorant

Empty bottles can be brought in and filled at any of our free water stations

Medications must be clearly labelled and in sealed/ blister packs.

Please leave at home:

Large bags (anything bigger than 30x30x30cm) will need to be cloaked. We recommend just bringing the essentials, so come prepared for a full day of fun outdoors but leave unnecessary items at home.

Liquids/Lotions/Sanitisers are not permitted inside the venue, EXCEPTIONS to this are: Sunscreen, Roll-on deodorant, Lip Balm and Lipstick/Makeup. (There will be free sunscreen available on site from bars and First Aid as well) If in doubt best to leave it at home unless absolutely necessary.

Illegal Substances. There will be a police presence so be aware of your rights.

Professional cameras of any kind (including go pros), portable seating, sun shelters & umbrellas are not permitted

Glow sticks, Laser pointers, selfie sticks

Can I scan my tickets on my phone?

Yes, you can use your phone to scan in your ticket, no print out required.

Can I bring an umbrella?

Unfortunately, no umbrellas are allowed in the venue

Will there be food?

There will be food trucks on-site, with various cuisines.

Why didn't my ticket Selling post in the Facebook event get approved?

We do not allow posts selling tickets in the Facebook event invite as unfortunately there are untrustworthy people out there selling fake or non-existent tickets and we cannot allow the event invite to be a vehicle for that.

Additionally, the Facebook event is a place where Reminisce can engage with attendees who in turn can engage with each other, it’s not a ticket market place.

If you are looking to sell your ticket please do it through an official reselling service such as Tixel, click this link to check them out.

How can I sell my ticket?

If you are looking to sell your ticket please do it through an official reselling service such as Tixel, click this link to check them out.

Do not post tickets in the event invite or on our page as they will not be approved. These services are set up protect both buyers and sellers of tickets so trading must be done through these channels.

Can I bring my own food?

Unfortunately, you can’t bring your own food into the venue, however, there will be plenty of food trucks on-site with various cuisines.

Can I change my votes?

You’re not able to edit your top 5 as it becomes too tricky for us towards event time when we are starting to put together the production for the countdown and need to have a really solid idea of what the final top 50 will look like.

We will look to add the functionality of being able to change your votes up to a certain date at some stage in the near future.