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  • Reminisce House Melbourne 2024
    Reminisce House Melbourne 2024
    Top 50
    Reminisce House Syd‎‎‎‎ney 2024
    Reminisce House Syd‎‎‎‎ney 2024
    Top 50

    Rem House '24

    what is Reminisce?

    Put simply, it’s a countdown of the 50 best house or trance songs of all time.

    All selected by the people who attend the event, via our unique voting system. 

    Throughout the voting process, you trawl through our list of 500 songs of the genre, listening to them on the way if you like, and create your own shortlist. You can even add your own songs if they aren’t in the list.

    Once you’ve selected your shortlist, you then trim it down to your top 5 and then place them in order, then submit your votes.

    On the day, the songs are then played in a Top 50 countdown, starting at number 50 and counting down to the coveted number 1 song.

    2023 House Top 50

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    Reminisce House 2024 Top 50 

    Reminisce House 2024 Top 50 

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    Congrats to our Reminisce House '24 Presale Winners

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    Foundation Partnership

    Reminisce, a leading events brand in Australia dedicated to creating extra...

    fan videos
    In The Shadows #49 Reminisce Carnivale 2021
    Eric Prydz
    Call on me - #20 at Reminisce 10 Years
    Silence - #1 at Reminisce 10 years
    Sandstorm - #14 at Reminisce 10 Years

    Reminisce, Hardware Group & Symbiotic with the Hardware Foundation are thrilled to partner with the Australian Alzheimer's Research Foundation by donating $1 for every ticket sold from all events.