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    Reminisce House 2024 Artists

    Get ready for another epic Reminisce, as usual, packed with the greatest house music of all time. We've got it all—from the best of the 90s dance at the Age of Love stage to the Forgotten Classics of the 2000s, and a main stage that's got all the Reminisce crowd favourites.

    The main stage includes FEDDE LE GRAND, bringing his extensive catalogue of Reminisce favourites. Joining the stage are French House icons DJ FALCON and ALAN BRAXE, adding their distinctive touch to the event. For the first time, DIRTY SOUTH graces Reminisce, and the reigning Reminisce king, JOHN COURSE, returns to present the top 50 house songs of all time—voted by you—within our most extensive production rig to date. It's a spectacle you won't want to miss!

    See the full line up below:

    And here’s a little write-up of all the main acts:


    Hailing from Utrecht, Fedde Le Grand's music journey started with teenage DJ gigs, soaring to global fame with the 2006 hit "Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit." Beyond catchy tunes, he's a remixing wizard collaborating with Armin van Buuren and Tiësto. His label, Flamingo Recordings, champions new DJs. Fedde is more than a DJ; he's an EDM ambassador, captivating crowds globally.

    From Ibiza's Pacha to festivals worldwide, Fedde earned his place in EDM's elite. Awards, like a World Music Award and DJ Magazine Top 100 rankings, cement his legacy. Beyond accolades, he founded Darklight Sessions for aspiring DJs and co-founded the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), a major electronic music conference.

    Fedde Le Grand's story is one of passion, dedication, and undeniable talent. He's not just a Dutch dance music icon; he's a global phenomenon shaping the future of EDM.


    The man who has delivered all Reminisce countdowns and countless memories for house music fans around Australia and the world over the past 30 years will be back once again to take you through the Top 50 Dance Music Records of all time, as voted by you.

    Between winning back to back DMC world DJ titles, mixing multiple Ministry Of Sound Compilations, playing to monster mainstage crowds at festivals such as Sensation, Future Music Festival, Stereosonic and Summadayze, John also heads up Vicious Recordings – the label collective that unearthed Dirty South, Avicii, Peking Duk & Madison Avenue (just to name a few).

    There’s not really much more that needs to be said about the king of Australian house. The best thing to do now, is to watch and to listen 👇🏼


    Alan Braxe, transcends the DJ realm; he's a sonic architect. Emerging from the late 80s Parisian electronica scene, Braxe crafted his signature sound with minimal equipment and boundless imagination. Driving beats, hypnotic melodies, and infectious grooves defined his early club anthems like "Vertigo," propelling him into the French Touch forefront.

    Collaboration is key in Braxe's career, whether with Fred Falke for tracks like "Intro" or the global hit "Music Sounds Better With You" with Daft Punk as Stardust. Yet, he shines solo, as seen in "The Upper Cuts" compilation, showcasing his versatility across tempos and styles.

    Beyond his own beats, Braxe's impact extends through founding Vulture Music, nurturing talent, and co-creating The Paradise, a Parisian clubbing institution. A pioneer and dance music icon, he inspires generations with unwavering dedication to the craft. Alan Braxe's sonic legacy will pulsate on as long as speakers thrum and bodies move.


    The maestro known as DJ Falcon, is a trailblazer in French electronic music. Hailing from Paris, he's not just a DJ and producer but also a skilled photographer, leaving an indelible mark on the global scene.

    In 1999, Falcon burst onto the stage with his debut EP, "Hello My Name Is DJ Falcon," on the iconic Roulé label. This infectious blend of house, funk, and disco instantly captivated audiences, establishing him as a sonic alchemist. His sets, characterized by playful disco grooves and potent basslines, exuded pure dancefloor energy and undeniable charm. Collaborations with Thomas Bangalter as "Together" and remixes for Chic and Cassius further solidified his reputation.

    Beyond the turntable, Falcon's artistry extends to photography, capturing the pulse of club culture with backstage moments and vibrant dancefloor scenes. This fusion of sound and image provides a multi-dimensional experience, offering a deeper glimpse into the world he helped shape. Today, DJ Falcon's passion for music remains undimmed. Whether behind the decks, in the studio, or behind the lens, he continues to be a vital force, perpetually pushing the boundaries of electronic music.


    Late Nite Tuff Guy stands out as a premier DJ/producer, recognized by Greg Wilson as a key figure in the global re-edits movement. Renowned as a soul superhero and dance floor maestro, LNTG's sets are synonymous with smooth sounds and credible disco edits, amassing a global fan base from Berlin to New York.

    In addition to being a sought-after producer for top artists and labels, LNTG's official remixes for New Order, Herb Alpert, Timmy Thomas, Flight Facilities, and Pnau have garnered acclaim. His remixes now grace releases on the iconic Salsoul Records.

    While excelling in digital realms, LNTG's heart lies in clubs and festivals, where he captivates devoted fans and wins new ones. Beyond DJ sets, his popular Prince tribute shows showcase his versatility, notably performed at Glastonbury Festival's Glade stage in 2019.

    From Berghain to Bestival, Late Nite Tuff Guy, influenced by Mancuso to Toto, is a disco vigilante respecting the past while thrilling present-day clubbers. Greg Wilson aptly concludes, "The quality and consistency of Late Nite Tuff Guy’s work has elevated him to the vanguard – he has the knack of picking the right tracks to reinterpret, and his output of essential reworkings has been prolific."


    Dirty South, a formidable presence in electronic music, emerged from the streets of Belgrade, Serbia. His musical odyssey began in Australia, where he immigrated at 13, blending the vibrant energy of his hometown with diverse soundscapes. Early experiments with tapes and homemade mashups evolved into a thriving production career.

    His signature sound, a fusion of pulsating house grooves, gritty basslines, and infectious melodies, yielded global hits like "Better Off Alone" and "DNA." Collaborations with David Guetta, Rihanna, and Coldplay, along with remixes for Calvin Harris and Avicii, solidified his standing in the electronic music scene.

    Beyond the club scene, Dirty South is a skilled producer, captivating performer, and advocate for his Serbian heritage. Infusing Balkan influences into his music, he promotes cultural understanding and bridges gaps between his homeland and adopted country. This unique blend of global sounds and personal narratives positions Dirty South as a pioneer and ambassador of electronic music, showcasing its power to unite people across borders and on the dance floor.

    The next time you hear a Dirty South track, remember his journey from Belgrade's streets to Tomorrowland's stages—a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and a touch of Balkan soul.