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    This event is taking place in the main SMMB area, please check the site map and familiarise yourself with bar and toilet locations. Taking note of alternative bars and toilets will ensure less time in queues and more time on the dance floor.

    The gates will open at 12pm, and we recommend arriving as early as possible to avoid queues and get the most out of your Reminisce experience. It’s classics all day, not just for the countdown – so why would you waste your time pre drinking at home!?

    Plus, this will give you a better chance of getting a great spot down in the bowl for the rest of the day. There is a bar and toilets in the main stalls area so once you are in, you don’t need to leave the area to get drinks or head to the toilet.


    VIP Terrace & Balcony both have bars on them but aren’t shown on the sitemap for simplicity.

    For the full drinks menu, plus the differences between VIP, Premium GA and Regular GA bars please see the FAQ Here.

    *DO NOT buy tickets from Viagogo, they are not an authorized seller.
    Valid ID must be brought. No ID, no entry.
    Acceptable forms of ID must be one of the below:
    •  Valid Australian Drivers Licence
    • Valid VIC Learners Permit
    • Valid Government issued (photo) Proof of Age Card
    • Valid Keypass Card
    • Digital ID app (Photos of ID not acceptable)
    • Valid Australian or Foreign passport
    • Names on tickets do not need to match IDs, but you still need a valid ticket and valid ID to enter the event.
    • Tickets can be printed or barcode displayed on your phone, but if your screen is cracked or the barcode isn’t clear we advise you to print your ticket first. Don’t have access to a printer? Send the ticket to a friend you’re coming along with or you can get your ticket reprinted at the venue ticketbox.
    • All tickets are General Admission (meaning there are no allocated seats, even for VIP areas), seat/row numbers on tickets are not applicable.
    • We cannot validate tickets that have been bought anywhere other than Ticketmaster. If you bought a ticket from someone you do not know on Facebook or Gumtree or Viagogo there is a chance your ticket is not valid.
    • We will hopefully have a small amount of tickets available for purchase on the door to deal with any fake tickets and scalping.
    There will be no pass outs (exit & re entry).
    We will have a cloak room.

    Your safety and well-being is extremely important to us and we have put in place several measures to ensure everyone has a good time and is cared for.

    There are multiple First Aid stations on site, one near entrance and cloak room, the other near the back bar behind the hill. Please make yourself familiar with these locations when you enter the event, and see the friendly staff there for any concerns throughout the day. All staff at the event are there to help and never to judge, if you or someone you know (or even a stranger you see having a bad time) needs assistance please do not hesitate to approach a guard or first aid staff member.

    In cooperation with Arts Centre Melbourne we will be distributing YOUR CHOICE cards upon entry. These cards list a number you can text with map location of any anti-social behaviour at the event. If you see someone being disruptive or causing problems you can anonymously contact this number.

    We remind you that illicit substances are prohibited and we strongly discourage their use. Please be cautious of what you put into your body, as we are all unique, and everyone reacts differently to drugs.

    Victoria Police will be conducting a significant PAD dog operation outside the venue, anyone caught with illicit substances or for illegal behaviour will be refused entry without refund and face potential criminal charges. We encourage people to cooperate with police and to be aware of your rights – https://junkee.com/sniffer-dog-procedure/


    All Bars are Cashless for quick service, payment are accepted using Visa, Mastercard or Debit. *No Cash.*

    Food trucks accept both cash and card.

    There will be an ATM on site.


    ✔ Sunscreen
    ✔ Roll On Deodorant
    ✔ Empty bottles can be brought in and filled at any of our free water stations
    ✔ Medications must be clearly labeled and in sealed/ blister packs.


    ✖️ Large bags (anything bigger than 30x30x30cm) will need to be cloaked. We recommend just bringing the essentials, so come prepared for a full day of fun outdoors but leave unnecessary items at home.
    ✖️ Liquids/Lotions/Sanitisers are not permitted inside the venue, EXCEPTIONS to this are: Sunscreen, Roll on deodorant, Lip Balm and Lipstick/Makeup. (There will be free sunscreen available on site from bars and First Aid as well)
    If in doubt best to leave it at home unless absolutely necessary.
    ✖️ Illegal Substances. There will be a police presence so be aware of your rights.
    ✖️ Professional cameras of any kind (including go pros), portable seating, sun shelters & umbrellas are not permitted
    ✖️ Glow sticks, Laser pointers, selfie sticks


    Head to our FAQ Here and if it’s still not answered, shoot us a DM.


    All in all, we just want you to be safe and enjoy the biggest and best Reminisce yet! Look after yourself and your mates and just have a damn good time.

    The countdown is on!