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    From all of us here at Reminisce HQ, thank you so much for completing the 2022 Feedback Survey. We value your time and input immensely.

    With well over 1,000 responses, we gained plenty of feedback to work with and made some exciting refinements to the Reminisce event experience.

    Also a big congratulations to the winner of the competition, Isabella Heath who will roll into Reminisce 2023 in VIP style with a friend!

    So without further ado, here’s a few things we’ll be putting in place for Reminisce 2023 and beyond – starting with the top 3.

    1. A new stage with a new theme 

    At Reminisce Melbourne 2023, along with the countdown on the main stage, plus the Belfast / Age Of Love stage for those 90s ravers, we will have a stage that will play only house music from 2000 – 2009.

    Expect to hear all the songs that have dropped out of the Reminisce top 50 over the years, plenty of forgotten house classics from the golden era of house in Australia, songs that narrowly missed the countdown for 2023 and absolutely none of the songs that made it.

    Happy with the addition? Thank yourself and your fellow Reminisce fans for asking for it 🙌🏼 

    Want to help us name it? Reply with your suggestions!

    1. Trance songs will not be removed from the house countdown

    Because music and genres are such a personal opinion, we have always wanted to keep Reminisce as free from rules and guidelines as possible.

    You guys obviously agree with 62.9% of people voting to keep the trance songs in the countdown. 

    Our mantra has always been that if a song gets played in house sets, it qualifies!

    3. We won’t be putting any ‘official’ limit on how old a song needs to be to qualify

    Some people were confused by this question and took it as songs OLDER than 5, 10 or 15 years don’t qualify however it was the other way around – songs YOUNGER than that amount of years wouldn’t qualify.

    Regardless, we won’t be changing anything here and will be sticking to our original line from our voting terms…

    “Songs that are not deemed as house music, have been released in the last few years or have never regularly been played in house / techno / electro / trance sets are not eligible. We understand this is a big grey area and is open to interpretation through multiple genres of electronic music. Anything house / disco / trance / electronic that gets played in house sets is eligible but anything like hard style, hard trance, psy trance, rock, heavy metal, country, and these types of genres are not eligible. We take a common sense approach to this term. To this point we’ve never had to remove a song from the top 50.”

    Some more improvements as requested by you…
    • The Melbourne venue have informed us the bars will be all open and full with staff with contingency planning in place for late pull outs
    • They have also assured us that more staff will be available to keep the toilets clean
    • For Melbourne, there will only be two ticket types available. General Admission which gets you to both stalls and lawn (when stalls are full it becomes 1 in 1 out) and VIP which gets you onto either of the two balconies or the VIP Terrace as you please. Simple!
    • The voting shortlist will be ordered from Z-A to change things up a bit
    • People that just select the first few songs in the shortlist, their votes will be removed from the tally (but they will still be eligible for the prize)
    • We’ll clean the voting system daily to remove duplicates and typos

    Once again thank you so much for your feedback and we can not wait to see you at Reminisce 2023!

    Keep an eye on your inbox and socials in the coming weeks 

    The countdown is on!

    Team Reminisce