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    Early access registrations have now closed, and the winners have been contacted!

    Check your email to see if you have won.

    If you have access to the code and link, here are some tips to make sure you snap them up before they go on sale to the public.

    We have had more signups for early access than ever before by A LONG way. So please be patient during the purchasing process. We have been on Ticketek’s case all week, and they assure us it will be smooth sailing.

    Follow the link below to go to the ticket page. At 11 am, sales will open, and you will be randomly given a place in the queue. Being on the page earlier doesn’t make a difference. Just ensure you are there right on 11. Having multiple browsers open can help.

    ✅ VIP tickets always sell out super quick for Reminisce shows at the bowl so if you go for them and miss out, the stalls ticket is still a nice premium ticket. We have done this based off your feedback so more people have a chance at a premium ticket. This is why there is no VIP Terrace and an extra bar down in the stalls now. You can almost consider the whole stalls area a VIP.

    ✅ Don’t panic if you miss out on the initial $89 release of Lawn tickets. The other releases will open up during the early access sale as soon as the previous one sells out, so as long as you purchase straight away you should be fine, you might just end up paying a little more.

    ✅ Be sure you have a Ticketek Account set up with a valid credit card ready to go when the early access sale opens

    ✅ Having multiple browsers open (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) can help increase your chances of getting tickets.

    ✅ You can purchase up to 8 tickets per transaction, so keep that in mind when organising your group.